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Little Messenger



Genre: Romance, Drama, AU Pairing: YamaChii

Summary: They all say that Fate has its own way of allowing two souls that are meant to be together to meet. Some say they meet by accident. Some say by chance and luck. Though does it even matter, how Fate does its magic? For the two of them, it’s doesn’t. Because may it be by accident or by mere chance Fate has already decided that they’ll never ever be one.

Chapter 1:


“Watch where you’re going, Princess. The sea is not a healthy place to be.”Collapse )


Author’s Note: And that’s the first chapter. I hope it’s entertaining enough. By the way, I’m really sorry for not being able to update. I have no internet connection at home and is very much busy with real life stuffs at the moment. So please do bear with me, I don’t really know when I’ll have a proper net connection. It has been going on since December. My Net fluctuating and being a bummer, though aside that. I hope everyone did enjoy the first chapter. Otsukaresama deshita.